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Public Works, Planning Division


Subdivision Rules & Regulations  

The following are the basic requirements for the Subdivision process.
  • The owner submits a preliminary plat and an application form along with all required fees.  If interior roadways or drainage improvements are associated with the development, engineering plans are submitted to Engineering.
  • The Planning Department and Engineering reviews the plat and plans and identifies any deficiencies.  After all corrections to plats or plans are made by the Developer, the preliminary plat and plans are submitted to the Development Support Committee for their action.
  • Once the preliminary plat and engineering plans are approved by Commissioners Court the owner is authorized to begin construction of perimeter and interior improvements.  The approval of a preliminary plat will expire after twelve months if the Owner fails to proceed with the platting or development process.
  • Improvements are constructed.  The County inspects during construction and as each phase is completed.  After any deficiencies are corrected, preliminary acceptance of the improvements is issued.  The owner maintenance period begins.
  • Owner submits a final plat for review to the Planning Department and after all corrections are addressed the plat is submitted to Commissioners Court for their action.
  • Once the final plat is approved by Commissioners Court, it is recorded by the Owner in the County Clerks office.
  • After maintenance period is completed, County inspects the project, developer corrects deficiency, County reinspects the project, and Commissioners Court approves the project. The infrastructure is now maintained by the County.

  Please contact Denton County Planning Department, 1505 E. McKinney St, Suite 175, Denton, Texas, 76209-4525 phone (Metro) (940) 349-2990 for more information.

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